Mobile Dental Hygiene in Etobicoke

Dental Express Provides Mobile Dental Hygiene in Etobicoke

Dental Express is pleased to serve patients in the suburb of Etobicoke! Regular dental hygiene is very important to ensuring your teeth and gums stay healthy and clean. We generally recommend that you make an appointment with your dental hygienist at least once year; but we also understand that this could be an issue for some.

For busy people, those with disabilities or mobility issues, and people who are scared or just don’t like visiting a dental office, why not just schedule an in-home visit instead?

Mobile dental hygiene visits provide you with flexibility, as well as comfort, and our professional grade equipment is compact and fully equipped with air, water and suction capabilities to accommodate all patients.

See a list of our mobile dental hygiene services in Etobicoke, below:

Whether you live or work downtown, have mobility issues, a phobia, or you just don’t have the time to make it to the dentist’s office, give us a call!

Reliable and Friendly Mobile Dental Hygiene in Brampton

Residents of Etobicoke can contact Dental Express to schedule a hassle and worry free in-home appointment with our dental hygienists.

See a list of areas served across the Greater Toronto Area, below:

If you are interested in mobile dental hygiene in Etobicoke, contact us today at (416) 508-6112 or!

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